Welcome! Glad you found your way to my site! A little about me.

I’m a multimedia artist – photographer, website designer, graphic designer. I was the lead photographer for the Women’s March on NYC from 2017-2020 with a crew I oversaw of about 30-35 people. I was the lead volunteer photographer for NYC Pride/Stonewall 50 in 2019. I resumed my role as lead volunteer photographer in 2023! I’ve shot weddings, portraits both pet and people, landscapes, a cat fashion show, a Grateful Greyhounds fundraiser, random moments in time, wildlife, and urban sprawl.

I am a: Native NYer. Animal lover. Beach lover. Cook. Human.

I adore Paris.

My bucket list is long and random.

I truly love getting lost in my camera…I have no prolific statement to make about why I shoot. I simply love to share the way the world appears to me and see how those images make the world appear to others.

Hmmm…is that a prolific artist statement? Nah I don’t think so…still all good.

So enjoy your stay! And drop me a line if you have any queries…